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The German Pin up Girl
About Me
I´m your ordinary German Pin up Girl stuck somewhere  
between the 40s - early 60s and now.... Follow me on my  
adventures and allways know what´s happening on Facebook.  
And never forget: There might be many German Pin up Girls  
now - but only ONE Sari ;-)
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Newsflash is having me on their website in order to promote their online screening of "Rockabilly Ruhrpott" this weekend! So if you want to watch at least 8 year old material of a wayyyyy bigger Sari this is your chance!

Seriously: It it a great documentary about Rockabilly Culture in the Ruhrpott area.

I modelled around 30 beautifull hats by Tate Millinery! You may find the photos on my Facebook Page and off course in the Tate Millinery Online Shop!
It is allways a pleasure to model for Lucky Lola! I returned to model for them for the third time now and I hope many more times will follow! This time we additionally made videos to show off the beauty of their dresses even better!
Beer bottles, posters, billboards and trucks! My face sure gets around beeing the model of Schwarzbacher Schlossbrauerei. So far I am gracing the labels of two of their flavors and there may be more to come. You can ask for a free poster on their official website (please note, you´ll have to pay shipping fees yourself).